The North Canberra-Gungahlin Athletics Club is an affiliated club to the Athletics ACT Association.

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There are several avenues to join athletics in the ACT and Region.

Little Athletics
Is a Centre based approach to join from 5 to 16 years and compete weekly at the local level and coming together with other Clubs in the Little Athletics Regional and State Championships - October to March each year. Athlets turning 12 before December 31st each year may join a senior club as a DUAL athlete and compete as a transitioning athlete to seniors.

Junior Athletics/Senior
Also a Club based approach, less structured situation where athletes may join a Club affiliated with the State athletics association Athletics ACT. Competition is organised over Summer Series and the Winter High Noon sessions by Athletics ACT. Athletes register with a Senior Club such as North Canberra-Gungahlin Athletics Club. Athletes should be turning 12 before December 31st the year they join. There is no age limit to senior athletics.

School athletics
A compulsory activity that schools after their local carnival send their students to the Zone carnival (region) and potentially further on to the State Championships finals. If selected from the ACT Championships the student is asked to register with a Club in order to compete at the Australian All Schools National Championships.

Athletics Australia assist the School Sport Australia body to officiate the Australian All Schools Championships.
Athletics ACT officials assist the School Sport ACT to conduct the school carnivals, zones and Championship carnival

Cross Country is also a school activity. School Sport ACT organises the zone and ACT Championships for primary and secondary Cross Country.
Student Runners may be selected to an ACT School Team via the School Sport ACT Championships.
Athletics ACT provides a Cross Country State Championship by which runners may be selected to a State Team

ACT Veterans Athletics Club is for masters 30 years and over who want to compete fro enjoyments and seriously if they choose. A Vet can also be a DUAL athlete with Athletics ACT - joining an affiliated Club such as NCGA.

Training groups - for fun or for serious training for competition - see Athletics ACT list of coaches and events they can train athletes for...North's has 3 pole vault coaches and a multi discipline L2 coach - get in touch!!

Officials - how to become an ACT official and register as an Athletics Australia official - easy to do and the more practical experience by officiating at the ACT competitions the better. Do it now and help your kids and other athletes achieve their goals for competition.